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Evolvink is a next-generation digital textbook publishing platform. It provides students with advanced individual assessment tools and a collaborative learning environment at less than the price of a traditional paper textbook. Professors benefit from reduced TA needs, leaving more time for help in the classroom.

Take a look at the sections below to explore what Evolvink can offer.

The Textbook

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The textbook is the heart of any evolvink course. Each page in the textbook covers a specific topic and can contain images, formulas, videos, and interactive simulations.


The Discussion Board

The Discussion Board allows students to post questions about course content, practice problems, or quiz questions.

A sample discussion board post


Self Test Quizzes

Students choose parameters (chapters of interest, number of questions, difficulty) and are presented with a unique quiz to test their abilities


Graded Quizzes

Graded Quizzes can either use algorithmically generated questions or the same problems for all students


Student Benefits

Professor Benefits

Book Author Benefits


Using Evolvink At Your School

Evolvink has been used by thousands of students at both the undergraduate and graduate level. With over 10 years of live use in schools, it has been constantly refined to handle the needs of students, professors, and book authors.

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